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CurbSpace Benefits

Find out how CurbSpace helps you.

No Hidden Fees, Security Deposits

Forget about extended contracts and background checks. Simple one click bookings.

Unlimited Locations

We will deliver your curb to any location within our perimeter you choose.

Call Support

We offer telephone customer support: call us for immediate help with your booking or for any other feedback from 9 am to 5pm EST. Monday to Friday.

Choose Your Platform

Book your trip on our Android, iPhone or Web Application.

Simple Check In & Check Out

As soon as your room is available you will receive a PIN which allows only you to enter the Curb. It will become invalid at the end of your booking.

Two Hours Minimum

Book your Curb for as little as two Hours. The booking maximum is eight hours.


Enjoy your Curb with all the amenities to relax: A full size bed, sofa, walk-in shower, toilet, 28 inch TV and more.


Enjoy your Curb in complete privacy. In addition to limousine window tints each curb is equipped with roll down curtains which allow you complete privacy.

"Your Room Anywhere"

Book your room in any location within our perimeter. You are only bound by your imagination.

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What customers says

Some feedback from some of our earliest customers.



"Life changing for me, I work two jobs and I can finally sleep and shower with dignity. I used to have to wait until I got back home."



"Incredible! Now I can take a shower right after biking to work before I start my shift."



"Great for when all coffee shops are closed and I still want to get work done without going back home."



"Love CurbSpace! Missed my flight and relaxed in comfort at the Airport."

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